Do I need to be a member of Cumbria Tourism to partake in the MyCumbria Card scheme?

No. You just need to be a Cumbrian business with a great offer.

How long do I have to offer the special ‘offer/ discount’ as a provider for the MyCumbria Card scheme?

Your arrangement will be for a 12 month period from the date you sign up and may be renewed after that. Consumers will pay £20.00 for their membership of MyCumbria Card for a 1 year period, it would therefore be unfair if your agreement changed significantly during that period.

When someone presents their MyCumbria Card at my business does my agreement only apply to that one person? For example if I have a restaurant and a party of 4 make a booking, does the agreement I have pledged apply to the person with the card or the full party of 4?

This is entirely up to you. When we first discuss your provider offer for MyCumbria, we will ask you to clarify your offer, this will then form part of your contract with us. Here are some sample options:
• 10% discount on a party of up to 4 people
• 2 children go free, with 2 adults
• Many providers state there are no restrictions on who the card applies to as this encourages more business and keeps the offer simple to administer.

When someone presents their card, is there anything specific I or my staff need to do with it?

Yes, if possible. Each card has a membership number. We’d like you to log that number, the date it’s used and the number in the party. We appreciate that when running a busy business this may not always be possible – it’s not obligatory. However the benefit is, that we can evaluate the usage of the scheme both as a whole and for your individual business. In your MyCumbria joining pack we provide a data form for this purpose. It would be great if this information could be feed back to us every 2 months.

Can I promote my business more during seasonal times ie: create a special offer which is better than the standard minimum of 10%?

Yes you can, that’s what the website is for. If you want to create a better/different additional offer just let us know. We plan to host monthly special promotions – just let us have the details. The success of this scheme depends on how you as ‘providers’ use it as part of your business marketing. The more ingenious the offers, the greater the demand.

What to do if I suspect that someone is using a MyCumbria Card fraudulently?

This very much depends on the circumstances, however it would be very helpful if you could report the card number to us so that we can investigate further.