Do I need to be a member of Cumbria Tourism to partake in the MyCumbria Card scheme?

No, you just need to be a Cumbrian business.

Are there any rules for providing an offer?

Providers are requested to honour their offer for a year after coming on board, as this enables card holders to get the most from their year of membership. Providers can then continue to renew their offer year on year.

We ask that offers are a minimum of 10%, a 2-for-1 or similar, as these are most straightforward and valuable for the members.


When someone presents their MyCumbria Card at my business, how many people does the discount apply to?

This is entirely up to you as the offer provider and will be established when you sign up. For example, a restaurant may choose to allow their offer to apply to bookings of up to 4 people per MyCumbria card.

Many providers chose to have their offer as unlimited, in order to simplify things and encourage more business.

Can I further promote my business more during off-peak times?

Yes you can! The best way to do this is to get in touch with us and provide an additional offer. We will then promote the additional offer and your business in our marketing.

What do I do if I suspect that someone is using a MyCumbria Card fraudulently?

This very much depends on the circumstances, however it would be very helpful if you could report the card number to us so that we can investigate further on your behalf.