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It’s a fun, zero impact, action game played outside in the fresh air by all ages from age 6 upwards.

A game consists of two teams of players who aim to complete the games mission.

Players are “tagged” when “shot” by a beam of light. These beams are shot from high tech, easy to use guns that are held by each player. Sensors on each player pick up the beam of light that is shot from the other team and if these are hit the player loses “life force”.

As Outdoor Laser Tag is ‘no-impact’ (unlike Paintball), Laser Tag is ideal for those who really dislike the idea of getting ‘hit’ with a Paintball. What makes it even better is that it’s suitable for kids, parents and grandparents!

This makes for a super memorable experience for everyone involved, so instead of waiting around watching, anyone attending can have some fun.




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